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Weekend Review

October 20th, 2008 at 11:22 am

I cleaned up the balconey this weekend and took apart the last fish tank that needed to be taken down before we move. With slightly more than a month to the move and a major holiday in between now and the move, I have been hesitant to pack too much. As a result, our packing has been low stress and unrushed.

We ate out a lot this weekend and I spent money on items that were not a necessity. I am rather ambivalent about that given that we have been aiming for only 20% of our budget being spent on wants and I am beginning to suspect that is a little too low to be sustainable. We have plenty of wiggle room to allow it to go higher so I think for now I won't worry about it and will just make sure to keep the overrun at a minimum.

We did price out some of the items we want for the new house and were pleasantly surprised on how low cost we could go on the home gym equipment without skimping on the items that matter to us.

We still have a week or two before we hear back about the short sale so we are still treading water there though my real estate agent did send me a no update yet email today.

Oh and one thing I have noticed. The best way to get my husband to serve me my sized portions of ice cream is ice cream cones. I have never been able to have a quart of ice cream last this long before, lol. Must remember to keep ice cream cones on hand in the future.

2 Responses to “Weekend Review”

  1. mbkonef Says:

    I use the same trick with my DH to get him to eat less ice cream. He will fill a bowl with a huge amount but no way can he fit that much into a cone. He hasn't figured it out yet!

  2. dmontngrey Says:

    Ooh, good idea!! I just don't buy ice cream because DH will just devour the whole thing. He has NO concept of moderation EVER. He's learning to just dip a spoon in the container and have a couple spoonfuls. I don't care - I don't eat it!

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