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Energy Efficiency (or lack thereof in my house)

January 21st, 2009 at 01:51 pm

So we use very little electricity in my household, we mostly use gas. Gas water heater, gas stove and a gas furnace.

Water heater is brand new and fairly efficient, no need to replace that. Stove is as efficient as a gas stove can be so that is also not an issue. But that gas furnace. Its probably a 65% AFUE. Its a 20 year old furnace that is purring along quite nicely so no immediate need to replace.

Which is good, because despite the fact that it is obviously a gas hog, I have other energy efficiency issues. I have windows with old rubber insulation that is so warped by age that they don't close (I am tempted to go out there and see if ripping the rubber off would actually let them fully close. We even have extra weather stripping from our doors...) and I have an attic that needs quite a bit of insulation added to what is currently up there.

I imagine that insulating the attic will be the cheapest job (and will change the heat loss of the house for sizing the furnace) and the windows will be the most expensive (and will also change heat loss for sizing of the furnace).

Attic insulation needs to wait on the range hood, bathroom vent and roof vents (for ease) AND for us to make sure all the holes are sealed (because otherwise you will never find them).

The one thing I have going for me is that my home is solid brick. I am really glad that I have a whole spring, summer and fall coming up to get all the attic jobs done. Especially, since I suspect it may be another year before we get to the windows...Maybe I should turn the thermostat down to 60, hmmm....

5 Responses to “Energy Efficiency (or lack thereof in my house)”

  1. mooshocker Says:

    First, do NOT wait on attic insulation. Go to Lowes, purchase the proper square footage of recycles blown in insulation (this usually gets you the blower for free to use) and fill that baby up.

    Attic vents (either end gable or soffet) can wait till the spring. At that point, be sure there is proper soffet ventalation and pop in a couple end gable vents. Quick, easy and any handyman can do it for under $100.00

    Finally, contact your local energy provider and chamber of commerce. Lot's of times they have programs for first time homebuyers or for homes that are certain ages that qualify for free window, door, insulation and utility upgrades for practically nothing or totally free.

    Just investigate. YOu wont be sorry, but get that attic insulated. God bless.

  2. Caoineag Says:

    Oh no worries, I know that we need to insulate the attic ASAP. Unfortunately I also know that if you leave holes and blow in the insulation, you just wasted your time. Air movement reduces the R factor of insulation so sealing holes has to take precedence. Since we need to make two more holes, we need to do that first. We are simply running out of time for all our projects so the best we can do at the moment is keep the heat down.

    Fortunately we live in Denver and especially right now we have had mostly 50+ weather (was in the 60's yesterday). Come March we will turn the furnace off (till what December?) so we will have time then.

    As to the upgrades stuff, we have done a lot of research. We got a $150 rebate on our washer because its an HE and we bought it in 2008. Which is good because all the upgrade bonuses expired in 2008. No new ones this year yet.

  3. LuxLiving Says:

    In our younger poorer days at our old house I just bought a roll of insulation a paycheck until it was done. Where there's a will, there's a way!

  4. my english castle Says:

    Yeah, we used to do the same thing.
    We've got an extra roll laying around from another project, and I'm wondering if I should just throw it up there anyway.

  5. sicilyyoder Says:

    My mom has gas heat, and she is always cold- she is so tiny, and I am the total opposite, as I have hot flashes.

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