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A reward for being good...

January 23rd, 2009 at 09:35 am

I would like to be extremely cheap for the month of February. No purchases and very little on food. I think it will help me become conscious again about spending money which I seemed to have lost thanks to the house purchase.

Here is where you realize how pathetic I am. I need a reward to be this good for a month. Something to give me a good reason for doing it. So, I am thinking a new kitchen countertop, just a laminate premade piece like what we have but less atrocious.

The kitchen will NOT be remodeled for at least ten years and the lime green countertop with bleach stains while functional is hideous. It will cost about $100 for this piece. I only get this if I do no purchases AND get the food under $500. Its not a need, what we have is functional but it would be nice to not have to flinch when we walk into the kitchen.

Originally I wanted to replace the sink in the bathroom with this decent $200 18 inch wide vanity that actually has storage space but realized by the time I added in the vessal and a new faucet, that would defeat the whole exercise.

This is something far more economical and while we would eventually be replacing this as well (and everything I have done so far has been avoiding any need for redoing), its also a cheap luxury. It also would be a reward for my dear husband so that he didn't have to look at the lime green countertop when he does dishes or cooks. So maybe he will help me with the challenge. Wink

I figure I can even start this challenge next week for the food portion.

10 Responses to “A reward for being good...”

  1. dmontngrey Says:

    Oh wow, I can't believe the countertop is really lime green!! I don't blame you for wanting this new countertop.

  2. my english castle Says:

    ugh, lime green?
    Maybe you could do some wacky funky citrus theme?
    One of my friends has been having great success at the Habitat outlet. With the building slowdown, contractors have been donating things (like even countertops) that they didn't need anymore. She just had to get someone
    to cut a huge piece to size. She got fabulous solid wood six panel doors for $50/each.

    Lime green, sigh

  3. North Georgia Gal Says:

    That sounds like a perfectly acceptable reward! Good Luck!

  4. gamecock43 Says:

    I agree. no one needs a green bleached countertop. get rid of it!

  5. kdmoffett25 Says:

    I would have already replaced it or spray painted until I could get something done! LOL

  6. my english castle Says:

    I'm all for replacing it, but have you seen this?

    Pretty cool.

  7. Caoineag Says:

    I have seen people who were able to repaint to great effect and others who should have paid the money to replace it. Not sure I can pull that off. Also, it still costs money and by the time you are done buying supplies is costs as much as just replacing the premolded laminate with a new premolded laminate.

    All I need for this is stuff I have and a cheap jigaw with the right attachment (~$43). I will need the tool for other stuff or at least that is my excuse. Wink

    I have to say, I have seen the new laminate and I am fairly impressed. It looks really nice, though in the long run, I would like to have fake stone or solid stone countertops for their durability. I have had laminate before; 10 years is about the time I will want to replace it due to scratches.

    Sides you all are assuming I will succeed, you have more faith in me than I do, lol.

  8. homebody Says:

    My English Castle, thanks for posting. I really want new countertops, but I would love to try painting them. I am looking into this.

  9. my english castle Says:

    I think laminate has come a long way--some of it looks a lot like stone or Corian.
    Will you post pictures when you're done?

  10. Koppur Says:

    The apartment we are moving into has horrible counters. They are this dirty yellow color (even when freshly cleaned) with pieces missing in them. Ugh. But as renters, we really can't do anything about them. I hope yours come out looking great! Good luck on the challenge to yourself!

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