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Considering putting the food budget on a cash diet

March 24th, 2009 at 01:14 pm

I think DH is a little too willing to eat out when it goes on the credit card. Also I have noticed that he isn't good keeping track of spending on a credit card (which is why he is restricted to whipping out one that I can see the daily balance on).

So, I might just move our food budget into just cash. See how it works for a month. If we run out of cash, no more out to eat and set it up so that the allotments are per week. I am thinking of starting with $150 per week and shrinking that as we get better about the food expenses.

Also, I just need to start cooking. DH obviously doesn't want to cook even simple things at the moment or even think about what to eat so if I take over that, I suspect the eating out will drop drastically.

Big reason I want to do this is that with DH having a job downtown with lots of restaurants nearby, suddenly he doesn't care to pack breakfast or lunch, which forces us both to eat out. Since this is the only area I have gotten very good about behaving in (only eat out lunch or breakfast 1x per week), I don't appreciate the sabotage.

So tonight I will pack lunches and cook supper. After all, I am the picky eater so I should probably be the one cooking. Yuck. Good thing I can cook even if I despise cooking.

3 Responses to “Considering putting the food budget on a cash diet”

  1. momcents Says:

    DH and I have an arrangement - if I don't have things provided for his lunch (whether it be Lean Cuisines, leftovers in Tupperware, a Lean Pocket, a salad, or a sandwich) he will use $4 a day to feed himself in the cafeteria. That is what works for us. And I'm motivated to make lunches in advance - cook and freeze and he can take things frozen. Good luck! This is an area that I am usually really good with.

  2. dividing the dime Says:

    The cash thing works EXTREMELY well for me. I only wish I'd started it sooner, because we'd be wealthy by now. I hope it works for you. Having a cash budget in nearly anything (I also do this for groceries) keeps the conversations short ("yes, we can" or "no, we'll need to wait until next budget cycle") and the budget easy to keep up with. It helps to keep the $150 in an envelope and dump all the change and receipts in that same envelope. As for the cooking, I think it'll be well worth it and that you may begin to enjoy it (or tolerate it at least) when you count the savings. Hope this works for you!!

  3. Ima saver Says:

    I hate to cook too, but dh is very good about making and taking his own lunch. He eats at the job and NEVER eeats out. we are starting to eat more dinners at home too, even if it is a breakfast for dinner, dinner or just grilled cheese sandwiches!!

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