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Progress on not eating out as often

October 23rd, 2012 at 07:04 am

I ate 4 meals from restaurants last week. Considering that included the weekend and during a cold (Pho is wonderful when your sick), I am actually quite impressed. During the heat of this summer, we ate out every supper (think salads and veggies but still) and weekends have always been the bane of the food budget (min 4 times per weekend).

We will always have a minimum of 2 per week just because of scheduling but I am surprised that we essentially went from 15 times per week to 4 in one to two weeks time (last week was the first complete week since we decided to cut back).

What is really surprising is that I think I was burned out on eating out. I haven't missed eating out this time which is surprising because usually I am the one wanting to eat out.

The amount of money that can go to paying off debt from cutting down the eating out is going to be tremendous. It already slowed the spending on the credit card we use to pay everthing (its paid in full).

5 Responses to “Progress on not eating out as often”

  1. twest Says:

    Great job! You are making awesome progress!

  2. Wino Says:

    Restaurants cost like 3 times as much as doing it yourself, maybe more. Every day you don't eat in a restaurant, put a ten dollar bill in a jar. I wonder how long it would take to fill up the jar.

  3. Monkey Mama Says:

    I'm burned out on eating out, and I rarely eat out. Big Grin It's just hard to even enjoy when you get used to good home cooking.

    Way to go!

  4. North Georgia Gal Says:

    I am struggling with eating out right now. I usually stop for breakfast which adds up $4 at a time. You are doing great!

  5. Jerry Says:

    Oh, you are SO right about pho being the best when you are sick! I am spoiled, though... my wife is half-Viet, which means that she can make it at home (when we can find all the ingredients, at least). It is the best comfort food and it really does lead me to feel better, I don't know why. Nice going on cutting back (waaaaay back!) and I hope you have some insurance of eating great meals at home, too...

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