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Tax planning

October 5th, 2014 at 06:55 am

I decided to try to get us some more tax money back this year by putting my husband's IRA contribution in a traditional instead of a Roth. Which is great but when I forecasted our taxes this year, it became clear that the last contribution to his IRA will have to wait until after I know exactly how much we made. We are in the phase out of the deduction so part of his 2014 IRA will need to be Roth after all.

Its a good problem to have and we still make a significant amount of money back from taxes, just shocking that we tripped it. I thought we would have more room this year.

Our variability in income has always proved a challenge in tax planning.

2 Responses to “Tax planning”

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    I agree with you on this issue for one hundred percent, but my wife thinks differently

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    A very good idea that you were able to formally form and return a fairly large amount of funds from your taxes for the year.

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