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Just sort of waiting

August 27th, 2008 at 02:36 pm

Next month, we figure we will be ready to talk to the banker to see what sort of mortgage options will be available and to a realtor so that we can start looking at houses in person instead of just online.

We figure it will take a couple of months to find a home, have the inspection and get all the paperwork done so we are trying not to leave the looking until the last minute.

Currently, everything in our life in on hold until after the house purchase. We can't up the retirement amounts till after, we aren't allowing ourselves to buy any household appliances or other large purchases and we have a pretty strict budget so that we can save $2,000 per month.

I do have it so that DH will be maxing out his 401(k) contribution starting in January and the sooner we get into a house, the more likely I will be able to max both of our Roth's for 2008.

Frankly I am both impatient and bored. I am afraid we will start looking and suddenly become picky and then we will have to rent for at least another year because rent leases are far too expensive in the month to month or 6 month version in our current place. And if we move to another rental, I won't be willing to move for at least 2 years. Uggg.